Adonis Guilielmos, Panos Tomaras (The Swing Shoes) Thinkbabymusic offices July 29, 2022

Thinkbabymusic & The Mouth present:
Soft Palms—The Velvoids
Fall 2023 Greece tour

Thinkbabymusic Collective & The Mouth TV proudly present Soft Palms (Long Beach CA), brainchild of wife—and—husband duo Julia Kugel (The Coathangers, White Woods) and Scott Montoya (formerly of The Growlers), on their first visit to Greece for a set of shows in October alongside Athenian experimental ensemble, The Velvoids. 

Releasing their self—titled debut album on Everloving Records in 2020, Soft Palms blend rich sounds and comforting melodies, threading a feast of Sock hop, Rock n’ Roll, scrappy Dream Pop, and ethereal torch songs into a sultry, spacey, and sublime sonic journey towards brighter horizons; giving off an aura of intimacy while creating a broader, pastel colored world—a duality achieved through Montoya’s unique and meticulous recording process at the couple’s home studio the Centre Of Mental Arts (COMA), and the magisterial mastering job by longtime friend and collaborator Mick Boggis (Pogues, Mötorhead, 12 Monkeys, Joe Strummer, etc.) who has served as a mentor throughout Montoya’s recording career. 

“My goal was to create something that sounded like a mental hug, a sonic embrace,” says Julia Kugel. “Everything can feel so wild and out of control, we really wanted to create something you could sink into and use to calm those emotions.” 

Soft Palms ultimately came together over a two-year period as an extension of Kugel and Montoya’s broader musical ventures. Together they book the HAPPY SUNDAYS music festival, run the non-profit STUDIOS FOR SCHOOLS, and organize the events calendar LONG BEACH POP—all in an effort to celebrate, promote, and produce art and music through community and positivity. In keeping with their overarching philosophy of sustainability and waste reduction, all their merch is made from salvaged and repurposed clothing.

Soft Palms captures Kugel and Montoya’s unflappable positivity and energy and serves as yet another outlet for their ongoing work to make the world a bit brighter. The band continues to perform extensively, and has recently toured with Black Lips, Night Beats, and Murder City Devils.

The Velvoids are an experimental rock band formed in Athens, Greece by Chicago (IL) native Vice Lesley in 2003—the band reformed alongside drummer Dorah X in 2006. Their discography consists of numerous albums, EP's, singles, and compilations; several of which have yet to be re—issued on digital format. Following the release of their third studio album, MOTHER, amidst the COVID—19 breakout in March 2020, the band followed up with their latest single WHILE YOU SHINE in February 2023, while currently in the studio mixing their fourth full—length, recorded by the band at the Thinkbabymusic offices. The Velvoids have shared the stage with the likes of Marky Ramone, Murder By Death, David J (Bauhaus), Γιάννης Αγγελάκας (Tripes), Louis Kondoulis (Stress, Earthbound), Black Lips, Dum Dum Girls, Pierced Arrows, The Vibrators, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre; while collaborating with Richard Lloyd (Television), painter Brian M. Viveros, and author Nina Antonia.

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Photography © Robin Laananen