Chris (Boyle) Cornell was found dead in his hotel room on May 18, 2017 at age 52, shortly after his sold out gig with Soundgarden in Detroit’s Fox Theatre. He was the son of an Irish Catholic father, and a Jewish mother. Their relationship could be described as, NOT the Brady Bunch.


Ten days earlier, 30 yr. old Mary Tsoni was found dead in an apartment in Exarchia, Athens. Mary was an award winning film actress, and a singer in the alt/art band, 'Mary and the Boy', and the ‘Joalz’. Both artists were known to have anxiety and depression issues. Years earlier, Chris successfully completed rehab for Oxy addiction.


Mary and the Boy dissolved, and Mary moved into theater and film. Praised as the Greek Goddess of simplistic melodies by other artists in Athens’ alternative music scene, she’s known internationally for her role in the film ‘Dogtooth’. It was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2011 Oscars. It won several awards across the global film festival circuit, earning Mary and her on-screen sister, Angeliki Papoulia, the Heart of Sarajevo, or Best Actress award.


Faster than you can say Mississippi, Detroit authorities ruled Chris’s death was a suicide by hanging. The Greek press said the coroner was also quick to give them his take on Mary’s demise, pre-autopsy. No coroner on Earth is qualified to rule a death is a suicide before any and all test results are in, and an objective forensic investigation is concluded.


                               It takes weeks, not hours.


Vicky Cornell is not buying the suicide story. Thousands fans and friends are not buying it either. She is rightfully fighting against the examiner’s suicide ruling. There's a whole lot more to this story that has not seen the light of day.


From Cannes to Exarchia, Mary was a senior citizen care-giver just to earn a living. Mary’s body was discovered by her friend and fellow actress Lewsha Camille Simboura. Lewsha posted a heartbreaking message of sorrow on social media, revealing another friend tried to administer CPR in vain. ' ..can’t believe I just found Mary Tsoni dead on the 5th floor. RIP. Sorry I didn’t come sooner. Maybe we could have saved you. I felt guilty, as I watched James perform CPR. I should have tried to help you with your sickness.' She also had this to say about the Greek media’s coverage of Mary’s death: ‘Gossip is a disease. Greek gossip magazines distort the truth. Please have respect. People's lives are more than just paid paragraphs.’ – Lewsha Camille Simboura.


Nobody in the MSM ever mentions that Chris was being stalked and getting death threats. This has been going on for years. Imagine a society that subjects sensitive people to conditions that make them terribly unhappy, and then gives them the drugs to take away their unhappiness, but it often only makes things worse. If a shrink has you on a cocktail of meds what are the chances that you’re playing Russian roulette with 3 hollow points already in the chamber?

The same press also failed to tell us that many ‘FDA approved’ meds often drive people to take that one last step beyond out of the blue. A family in France successfully sued a drug company because daddy happily gave away the farm in casinos, while undergoing treatment. He never gambled in his life. The story never made it across the pond.


Or that many of those ‘fix-your-mood’ meds don’t wash out of you, and can accumulate, resulting in an O.D. and the meds that are supposed to make you feel better, actually make you feel much, much worse, bad enough to make you want to stop the pain, forever. And finally, there’s never, ever a whisper, that if a very popular, high profile activist exposes and pisses off the wrong people, very bad shit can happen. 


Chris Cornell and family were back in Greece early April, 2017. He loved Greece, and the Greek people. They loved him back. Chris converted to Greek Orthodoxy to marry his wife Vicky Karayiannis. I saw the Mother’s day card he tweeted her. There’s no way Chris had any intention of leaving. None.


The couple have two lovely children, and Chris has a child from his previous marriage. They were traveling internationally to promote the film ‘Promise’, and give financial aid to children’s charities via their Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation. The Greeks say, Chris and Vicky Karayiannis Cornell are one of us! They are our people.


The Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation web page is now painted black.