"Things are always getting better if you can concentrate and see the bigger picture." 

Also known as 'The Boy', Alexandros Voulgaris began writing songs and playing piano as a member of such groups as f (a39), Sportex, Mary and The Boy, Felizol and The Boy. 


In 2007, he composed music and performed it for the play “Oxygen” of Ivan Vyrypaev staged at Amore Theater. By 2009 he finally releases his first solo album entitles "Please Make Me Dance". Throughout the years, he's performed over 200 shows in numerous theaters,  venues, and festivals within Greece. 

How are you, and what are you working on at the moment?

Not so good, I feel like my life is going to end soon. I'm actually finishing my fourth feature film and I'm also expecting to begin recordings for a new solo album in autumn. I generally have lots of ideas for films, I'm currently writing my new screenplay which is kind of a horror film. No other hopes and plans for the near future. No need to, I usually fail to allow them to come into fruition.

So what movies and music would you say you're into lately?

American films from the 1970's and 80's. Czechoslovakian 60's films, Australian 70's, Polish 70's films along with Canadian films of the 1980's. I watch a ton of films but I've never listened to a lot of music. I listen to all the local stuff I can find and from every genre. These last two years I couldn't really listen to male vocals so I only listened to women's instead. Other than that I mostly listen to a lot of pop stuff like Madonna and Beyonce along with artists from the 70's like Judee Sill and Sandy Denny. I guess my biggest love right now are a few songs by Maureen McElhorn that she wrote for a Bill Plympton film called 'The Tune' back in 1992.  

Inspiration, is it different for film-making to recording music or is it one and the same?

They're the same. I mostly draw from traumatic experiences in my life, there are two or three moments that continue to bother me to this day that bring about a lot of ideas. I'm always imagining visuals when I listen to music or write a song, but although I'm a film director and really enjoy music videos, I don't really like to put images to my music.

How do you approach recording?

I record in studios and play all the instruments and do all the vocals myself so I'm alone there with just the sound engineer which is of great, great help and a friend of mine. I'm always very prepared and know exactly what I want most times. My equipment isn't as good, though, I use a Yamaha synthesizer from the late 90's which is very heavy to carry, an Antonelli organ that doesn't really work. I'll also use whatever drums and mics you put in front of me, I don't know a lot about them and I'm not really interested in finding out. I just want to get it over with and return home and watch a movie (laughs). 

Fair enough, and how long do you usually take to ficish an album?

It depend, there are albums that I've made that take me about 9 to ten months to work on the material at home and then another 4 to 5 months in the studio. And there are some other albums that are obsessions projects that need to be made immediately and usually take a few days to write, record and release them. Sometimes these albums are better than the others I've worked my ass off to make. That's very irritating. 

What do you fell has changed in the local underground today, it it getting better?

We seem to be more in synch with what's happening outside of Greee. I'm not sure if that's a good thing but it happens. I've always been more interested in sounds and images that aren't very profound, those that try to form a new language even when they fail. This is hard to find nowadays since most of the things surrounding art are more of a homage of something that was made decades ago. Anyway, this also expresses something, a fear of the future, maybe. Things are always getting better if you can concentrate and see the bigger picture, that's my opinion. But I'm also a huge science fiction fan so deep down I'm hoping to live in a Blade Runner city someday.