In conversation with Dorah Stergiou of The Velvoids, new album 'Mother' out March 27.

Interview by Sara D. Satàn. Photography © Vasilis Stergiou, Vice Lesley.






Dorah X is the percussionist, and sporadic vocalist of Athenian experimental folk two-piece, The Velvoids. TV orbit a musical forefront with well crafted singles, EP, and LP releases that sound as fresh today as the day they were recorded.


Their latest full length 'MOTHER' is a 10 track landscape that exists in its own space, digging deep down to deliver. Recorded following the the arrival of their newborn child, it combines a 10 day non-stop studio session with erratic home recordings, and sees its release amidst these strange times of the Coronavirus.


How are you guys doing amidst this whole situation?

We’re good, been playing around with a multi-track recorder lately, it's good to stay creative.

our latest album title, Mother, makes me think of Mother Nature and how much we need her these days. What does it represent to you?

Never thought of it that way. To me, it represents the content of the album and the phase we were in when making it.

This album was done during a time of great change for both of you. How else have The Velvoids changed through the years?

Having a baby made us more focused, or just made it easier to differentiate between what's important and what isn't. As a band, we've been focusing our attention to writing and recording these last few years, leaving aside any plans for much else. The songwriting's also evolved to where I've felt more comfortable singing now, something I was reluctant to do in the past.


And what will never change for the band?

The excitement that comes with each new idea we have, or the thrill of seeing it through . We'll also never stop having these tremendous ups and downs concerning everything we do, something we may want to improve on in the future.

Is there anything you miss about playing music back in the early 2000's?

Not really. I do miss those gatherings, live parties, and BBQ's we would throw in our basement back in the day, actually, it was a fun and crazy time. 

"You Seem Happy on the Thyme"... what do you feel is people's version of "thyme" these days?

I think everybody's getting off on themselves to social network nowadays. It's addictive for a lot of people, all the while it's a great marketing tool, depends on how you use it. Our song Happy on the Thyme that you're referring to has nothing to do with any of that, though, it's about weed.

What's your favorite track on your new album and why?

My personal favorite is Rake Your Mind, it's sweet and eerie with some nice transitions in it. I like Legs of Wood and Badgod a lot too, they're beautifully crafted while very minimal in orchestration. I believe any good song can stand on its own without too many instruments or effects, I've always praised Vice's ability for going for songs like that. Overall, I'm just really proud of everything our band's been doing.


© 2020 Published under exclusive license to Thinkbabymusic. Produced by Nick Arkomanis and The Velvoids. All songs by Lesley/X. "Let It Breathe" Animated and directed by Colin Marchon.

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