Twenty-two year old Sotiris Z. created a solo music project under the name Tzitzifriki, both performing and recording his debut album 'Sun Sneeze' at home, in DIY fashion.

Expressing ideas influenced by the music of Palm, Women ,the Ex, the Lounge Lizards, Milo and Marika Papagika, Batis, as well as Bamya and Kurws. His debut consists of home and field recordings, sound collages, and noise experiments.

Available on audio cassette and all digital platforms. Download included.

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Tzitzifriki. Mastered by Nick Arkomanis at Play Recording. 'High Tempo Laugh' video directed by © Marina Limani. 

"Driven by a genuine vintage DIY feeling, the album seems to really succeed in being consistent with the paranoid feelings conveyed here."
  Vents Magazine