Recorded by Andy Freeman and Vast Asteroid at Rancho De La Luna Studio, Joshua Tree (CA) and El Miradero - Glendale (CA).

Produced and mixed by Andy Freeman and Vast Asteroid. Mastered by Alex Lowe, Red Tuxedo Mastering.

Vast Asteroid occupies a special place with their unique blend of heavy Spacegaze music. Hailing from Los Angeles and formed by frontman, James Poulos, best known as a political columnist with The Week, bassist Mimi Starr, and drummer Mark Reback of The Warlocks and Slaughter and the Dogs respectively; their  self-titled debut , released in mid 2018, successfully captures their love and talent for melodic exploration along with memorable hooks, recorded at the Rancho de la Luna Studio in Jashua Tree (CA), owned by the charismatic Dave Catching of Eagles of Death Metal.



Following the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the band returns with the quick and enduring new single, CHAMPAGNE AMBASSADORS, a song of accurate perspective and the coming together as a sort of summation of all the band's been through, transcending instantly recognizable moods as something nature often does with its grandeur and subtlety. "Some songs come together almost before you can finish writing them, and some recording sessions are the same way —two takes and you’re done." Poulos explains, "There are layers of melodies and arrangements in this song that we’ve had with us in various shapes for years. There are things from the writing and recording of the previous full length, and then other things from just a few months ago."






The new track is accompanied by a video created by Christian Stephen, who drew inspiration from both the pandemic quarantine and the song's lyrical content. "It's a visual poem concerning the masculine and feminine, the anima and animus in us all. How the harsh, static masculine often yearns for the intimacy and grace of the feminine, and vice versa," says Christian, "Lyrically there’s both man and woman locked in a nostalgic death spiral in the Californian haze. A look back at the time lost to the sun drenched hedonism of the past, and a look forward into the newly separated future the world is taking these two lovers separately into."



Champagne Ambassadors is a meditation on saying goodbye to the waves, and saying goodbye to the feeling of being pulled underneath their mercurial weight. The weight of love, the weight of regret, the weight of guilt shared, and futures split in two. 

© 2020 Published under exclusive license to Thinkbabymusic Collective. Music video filmed and directed by Christian Stephen. Artwork design by Vice Lesley. 

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