Athens-based record label, art studio, and publication. Crafting and circulating the soulful, noisy, or strange.

To carry our releases or wares please contact our distributors, The state51 Conspiracy, for terms and prices.

Our store is attentively curated by state51 via Greedbag, London. For product or order inquiries direct all mail to support.

For questions, licensing, press, or just looking to connect please contact us via email.

Designed and developed by Grafik. Rework by Roleplay.



Ada Bligaard Søby DK

Azraq Sàhara GR

Brian M Viveros US

Cathedral Echo GR

Color Skates GR

DD Dynamite GR

I Don’t Do Interviews GR

Keen Dist UK

Kroutsef GR

Max Million GR

Nina Antonia UK

Play Recording GR

Richard Lloyd US

Sæle GR

̶s̶i̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ GR

Soannefair GR

Starframes IT

The Psychic Readers GR

The Thing About Greece GR

The Velvoids GR

Tzitzifriki GR

Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery GR

Vast Asteroid US

Vice Lesley GR

Welcome Skateboards US

Yorgos Elàson GR