A poem by Kroutsef © Iliana Michali — Thinkbabymusic Collective

A poem by KROUTSEF
from "A Pill Is A Moon"
Photo © Iliana Michali

Thinkbabymusic © In—Print Issue #04, 2016

Half—in half—out is just a terrible fuck 
I wake up and seek the morning—after pill 

Booty loves cocktails 
Which love pools
Which love money 
Which quits in parts 
and the circle is stealth 

I fathom the gone parents 
but not an empty venue 
I'm thinking now missing some parts
sits on you

Skin smells bad as in human ways
You don't boast about a skill
cause you are it

Just 3
3 fingers are enough

You take your good hand cut vertically
Multiple flashbacks extract hipness
And there there

Originally from Kroutsef: A Pill Is A Moon, paperback (2015). Vasia Bakogianni is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Greece. Her work under the ‘Kroutsef’ moniker ranges from graphic and UI design to visual poetry, video art, animation, 3D sculpting, digital collages and art books.