A poem by Kroutsef © Iliana Michali — Thinkbabymusic Collective

A poem by KROUTSEF
from "A Pill Is A Moon"
Photo © Iliana Michali

Half—in half—out is just a terrible fuck 
I wake up and seek the morning—after pill 

Booty loves cocktails 
Which love pools
Which love money 
Which quits in parts 
and the circle is stealth 

I fathom the gone parents 
but not an empty venue 
I'm thinking now missing some parts
sits on you

Skin smells bad as in human ways
You don't boast about a skill
cause you are it

Just 3
3 fingers are enough

You take your good hand cut vertically
Multiple flashbacks extract hipness
And there there

Published: A Pill is a MoonIn Print Issue Nº 042016
Words: Kroutsef
Photography © Iliana Michali, I Don't Do Interviews