Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki Thinkbabymusic Collective Interview Vice Lesley

Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki

As we speak I’m in beautiful Hawaii filming a Weedmaps trip for Transworld Magazine. When I was young I used to play team sports, anything from flag football to baseball, that was up until I found skateboarding. What attracted me to it was that I was alone, I didn’t need to have a team to rely on, if I failed it was all my fault, and if I succeeded it was all on me.

I remember my first ever deck was a World Industries with Bones wheels and Tensor trucks on it, I don't have that one around anymore, gone with the wind I guess. Right now I'm riding a 8.38 Birdhouse board, 149 Independent trucks, 53mm Bones wheels, Bronson bearings, and Brostyle grip tape.

First big gap I ever cleared was probably a big 12—stair we had by my house, we didn’t really think it was possible at the time, then a few years later I remember it and went back to it with full pads and a helmet, I eventually did it, that was such a big step for me, I was totally freaking out!

My parents were always very supportive, though, I think that’s very important. If you have a support crew like that you have a lot more confidence to push yourself and go even further than you though you could.

The way I go about things is called calculated risk. When I go to a skate spot I know right off the bat if I can do it or not. If I say I can do it then I will take the necessary steps to get there and clear it, that being even if it takes a year or so I have to train myself to go do it.

It’s just trusting your gut.

Go—to trick on flatground is a good ol' kickflip, and if I had to choose which is worst between El Toro or Lyon, it would definitely be Lyon by far, that thing is no joke, it hurts. If I had to decide on either The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, it would be The Beatles!

Music definitely plays a big role in my life. I listen to techno, I’ve actually been into it before I was ever into skateboarding. And I’m talking that deep underground rave shit. Not this new age EDM. The good, good techno.

Music is actually my secret weapon to get fired up to do the things I do, you know, and I show no one or almost no one, it usually ends up in them saying it’s wack!

I’m currently in the works of taking my Jaw-harp playing to the next level right now, I’m gonna start a jaw harp company called JAWSHARPS and see if that will goe any where.

Published: In Print Issue Nº 06—2018
Interview by Vice Lesley, Thinkbabymusic Collective
Photography © Sam Muller