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Open Hart Surgery

Darren Hart, I can’t believe this guy was stuck in his basement, while no talent twinks are on the Billboard charts and VH1. I can see why Prince got in contact with him. One word, superb. The past five years have been filled with the deaths of many loved icons and heroes. And though their life on Earth may have ended, their legacies live on.

Let that inspire you to build your own legacy, to be left for the future, and to the future generations to come. As they did, make your short time on earth count. R.I.P to all the legends we said goodbye to.

Born in India, but raised in Australia, Darren Hart realized that he was serious about being a musician when he was around 19 years old. Before then, he was doing music as kind of a hobby. He plays guitar, bass, keys, drums, singing. He does all the production, recording and engineering out of his bedroom. Harts kind of does everything you hear, so you can consider that an instrument, too.

He was signed to a label that dropped him due to no radio play and low sales. He was going to cash in his chips. But, the same day he was dropped, his phone rang. It was too unbelievable to be true. That call, changed his life, and possibly today’s musical soundscape. It also inspired him to go DIY, just like the guy at the other end of the phone line. Darren Hart was discovered by PRINCE via YouTube a few years ago. PRINCE flew Darren out to his Paisley Park Studio in Minneapolis, mentored him, and helped him zero in on his strengths, and his music.

He enjoyed the music Harts was putting out, especially the song “Red and Blue’. Prince also felt that there was a lack of ‘that’ in the music scene, so he wanted to help. He reached out, called Darren up, told him how much he enjoyed the music, and asked if ‘he was available to come out to the studio and visit for awhile’. After the initial shock, Darren was on the next plane out of Oz. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Later, he had a chance to work with Chris Love and Lenny Kravitz, on a track for the Olympic Games, and a lot of artists from all over the world. Darren loves to push the boundaries with music, and push it forward to inspire young people to pick up an instrument, like a guitar. Electronic music is amazing, but he feels there is a certain ‘thing’ lost there without guitars and other instruments, so he hopes to inspire the youth to take up that challenge and learn some instruments as well. Harts is the real deal, for real. He raised the value of Squiers everywhere!

Every joint in his singles and LP’s is well crafted. Many thought great music had disappeared with the inevitable aging/deaths of iconic artists, such as Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder and Prince. But maybe not. Harts seems to be cut from that special cloth. He is hailed as a great new artist from Australia. People love his voice, synth and funky guitar playing. His songs are like a breath of fresh air — groovy, funky, dope. It’s like he combined Michael Jackson with Hendrix on guitar.

3rdEyeGirl brought many people to Darren’s site. Most can’t believe how talented he is-a one man band, and ALL OF IT is top notch. It’s the perfect mix of Bruno Mars + Michael Jackson + Santana and Andrew Garfield. For many, this is the first time, after a very long time, that they hear a damn funk ‘n’ dirty rhythm guitar from hell, with today’s kick ass sound.

But for some, Harts talent and studio clean versions are not as good as the bedroom jams. For them, raw is better, and Hart doesn’t disappoint. Others are glad Nu—Disco music is a thing, with equal quantities of Prince, Daft Punk and Hendrix, put in blender and mixed, until awesomeness is achieved. Yes. There is such a thing as an ear—gasm.

Hart is the new voice in Australian music. His work pays homage to the greats, yet he is taking it to a new place. This guy is so underrated, and deserves your attention. Jimi Hendrix of the 21century? No. Jimi and Prince were ridiculously gifted. Yet, Harts is probably one of the best overall artist in the DIY game.

July 2017, America opens its doors, and Harts does a one month US festival tour to promote his ‘new’ album, ‘Smoke—Fire—Hope—Desire’, which is finally out now in North America. It’s also available for download everywhere. Yes, Prince brought me here. What else can be said? I hope my neighbors across the street like this.

Published: In Print Issue Nº 06—2018
Words: Major Tom Alexopoulos Thinkababymusic Collective 
Photography © Darren Hart