<center>Paula Scassa of J.C. Satàn</center>

Paula Scassa of J.C. Satàn

We've been kind of playing a lot lately, lots of festivals during the summer, especially in France. England too, now we keep on touring France and nearby countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Spain.

We recorded two songs last summer, they'll probably be released in winter on a split with Regal. It's a compilation of ballads on 7", sad songs talking about crazy, jealous love, and about a world without goodness. We also tracked some live songs but we're still not sure what we'll do with them.

It's usually just me and Arthur when we record the songs, we always track everything in his room on a computer. This last session we did in August, though, was the first time we recorded all together, as a band or like in a show. 

There's so many songs and ideas, we're trying to make an album. This time it's going to take more time then the last three we did, we want to use real amps and get a better sound. We'll likely have to wait until 2014 before listening to a brand new JCS album.   

It usually takes us a while, Arthur takes his time recording the music, he can finish one song in one night or he can take weeks, or he'll spend months playing videogames. When that's done, he'll give those songs to me and I work on lyrics, we'll then record the vocals together pretty quickly. 

Of all the cities we've played so far, many of them have stood out to me. We played England twice and another two times in Southend—on—sea where the owners of a pub called 'The Railway Hotel' were all really nice people. I like London and Brighton too, I like Budapest a lot, especially the baths. I love a lot of French cities too, or Italian and Spanish, usually the best cities are the ones where we have friends to spend time with, we like cities where the crowd is really cool and makes it a particularly fun night.

I also love food, one of my favorite things is to try local food from any given place. But, just like any band on tour, we usually get by on street food or fast food. Personally, I love pasta and pizza, I love hamburgers, cheese, and wine, I love meat and fish. I think I pretty much love everything but oysters.  

The scene in Bordeaux is cool, it used to be better. There used to be plenty of bars and clubs to play, now lots of places have closed and I feel like there's a need to have new venues stepping in and organizing shows. There are still so many bands and people interested in music and live shows, really good bands like Magnetix, Complications, Black Bug, Year of No Light, the Iceberg crew (Crane Angels, Lispector, Lonely Walk, Nunna Daul Isunyi, Harshlove), along with acts like Pousse Mort, Oackland Recycle, and Bad For Bugs. All good musicians and very good friends. 

I'm originally from Argentina, I moved to Italy when I was 8 and I kind of feel Italian. We created JCS when I was still living in Italy. Arthur and I met in Turin when he was touring with the Meatards, I organized the show with Stefano, the singer of Movie Star Junkies. Then me and Arthur tarted creating songs together when I was vacationing in France, I ultimately moved to Bordeaux two years ago for the band, we wanted to give it a try and rehearse, book some shows and all that band stuff. 

I grew up in a really tiny village in the Alps with no music stores around, so I grew up listening to many different things, some of them crappy and some good that I still listen to now. I liked the nineties bands like Nirvana, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, Blink 182, and maybe some Spice Girls. Generally, I was into whatever MTV was streaming at the time, I still remember some really good videos that were out at the time, Radiohead's 'Paranoid Andoid' or 'Smack My Bitch Up' by The Prodigy.   

I suppose the good and bad regarding social network is that literally everybody can talk and express whatever they want. So many people should just shut up, though, I don't understand why certain people don't vanish like the Middle Ages. These platforms and networks gave us the possibility to exist, we would have never tried anything with the songs we had if it weren't for how easy it is nowadays.

Published: In Print Issue Nº 02—2014
Interview by Vice Lesley, Thinkbabymusic Collective
Photography © Sylvain Gripoix