1. Down For The Count
    Words: Major Tom
    Photo © Robbie Spencer

  2. Not—A Dancer
    A story by Vasia Bakogianni
    Photo © 2018 e.T

  3. The Poet In The Corner Of The Room
    Words: Major Tom
    Photo © Various Positions

  4. Η Ποιηση Δεν Οφείλει Να Αντανακλα Την Πολη
    Άρθρο: Στυλιανός Τζιρίτας
    Φωτογραφία © Βασίλης Στεργίου

  5. Every Birth Breath Breathing
    Words: Richard Lloyd
    Photo © Anders Peterson

  6. A poem by KROUTSEF
    from "A Pill Is A Moon"
    Photo © Iliana Michali

  7. Throb
    A story by Gerard Papasimakopoulos
    Photo © Aleksandr Neplokhov

  8. Blazing Bagels: Alan Vega
    Words: Major Tom
    Photo © The Deitch Projects

  9. Television—A Memoir
    Words: Richard Lloyd
    Photo © Roberta Bayley

  10. Femme Fatigue—Suffix
    A story by Vice Lesley
    Photo © Ed Templeton

  11. Rock & Roll Heart
    Words: Nina Antonia
    Photo © Mick Rock