• Through Time (Alternative Edition)
  • Through Time (Alternative Edition)

Yorgos Elàson

Through Time (Alternative Edition)

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"Through Time" follows a personal journey that stretches between a 12 years period. The soft, velvet-like tones of the natural instruments used such as the clarinet, piano and cello were effectively combined with aggressive sinusoidal sounds and experimental noise to deliver intended mixed emotions. 

Includes instrumental edits and newly remastered track. Written, arranged, mixed, produced by Yorgos Elàson. Mastered by Ioannis Christodoulatos, Sweetspot Productions. Photo © George Katsaliros.

Return  06:25
Simera Me Xeris (Instrumental Edit)  05:56
Tu Keru Ke Tu Hamu (Instrumental Edit)  05:35
Summing  01:45
Nasal  07:56
Apopse Antamosa To Haro (Remastered 2020)  04:56
Krifto  04:51
Simera Me Xeris  05:58
Tu Keru Ke Tu Hamu  07:25
Through Time  07:19

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