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While in the COVID-19 quarantine and not being able to physically communicate with people, Anna Lefka aka Soannefair became increasingly engaged in watching vlogs. At first, they felt alienating and generic, but over time they became a meditative process, and the realization hit her that there was a much stronger sense of authenticity to them. The idea behind the release was to eerily narrate and croon abstracts from these original vlogs that have stuck with her so long, while offering a constant alternating sense of anxiety, numbness, and serenity. The Vlogger was created to be experienced as a whole, creating moods with atmospheric undertones that wouldn’t have existed without the vlogs that inspired them.

Written and produced by Soannefair. Mastered by Nick Arkomanis, Play Recording. Cover photography © Dorah Stergiou.

Jessica  06:04
Sanne  04:56
Sami  06:28
Romee  05:26
Jessica (Instrumental Edit)  06:04
Sanne (Instrumental Edit)  04:56
Sami (Instrumental Edit)  06:28
Romee (Instrumental Edit)  05:26

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