• The Velvoids: Polynesia Baby (2nd Pressing)
  • The Velvoids: Polynesia Baby (2nd Pressing)

The Velvoids

Polynesia Baby

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Polynesia Baby is from the hours where the night trespasses upon dawn, the deep blue borderline of the waking dream. Plucked from the sonic subconscious, as melancholy as Brian Jones' ghost, the cypher, from mystical Tangiers to old New York and back again, the influences apparent and yet The Velvoids have their own scratchy finesse; where a pleasingly dishevelled serendipity meets low—fi down at heel ease.

Recorded during a 10-day studio session. Written and performed by The Velvoids. Produced by Nick Arkomanis and The Velvoids. Assistant Engineer: George Kyliakoudis. Liner notes by Nina Antonia. Design Layout by Vice Lesley.

Mamba Karma  02:51
Talk In Red  03:54
Sheekan Dye  03:52
House  01:14
Moonlite Blender  02:27
Who Shot JR?  02:32
Dead Don't Dance  04:23
Unwind  01:50

"Chords that cut through skin such is their serrated edges, industrial levels of adhesion to our crumpling ears, all set off by a singer who has something primal going on. An attractive dimension as we can properly hear this act's thinking, their musicianship and a slight nod to psychedelic tendencies. All is not lost then, apart from the damage done to our fragile minds." MP3 HUGGER

Heavyweight 180g Black 12" Vinyl
Stamped Paper Sleeve
Printed insert, 3mm Spine
Protective Outer Sleeve
Download included with 2022 Remix
Manufactured in France

First Edition, Repress, Digital Reissue
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