• While You Shine
  • While You Shine

The Velvoids

While You Shine

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Written by Vice Lesley, arranged by The Velvoids. Recorded by Vice Lesley at the Thinkbabymusic offices. Mixed by John Voulgaris. Mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos, SweetSpot Productions.

"This newly released masterpiece sounds like it was made in the sixties, with all of its vintage inspirations and brilliant lyrics." Illustrate Magazine

"Drenched in retro influences and brimming with songwriting prowess, you’re left with this numb, buttery feeling." Rising Artists

"These folks are not joking around with their music. Their ideas and musicianship go beyond comprehension many times. It’s nearly mind—blowing how the entire band articulates throughout the song and how their musicianship flawlessly pairs during each segment." Thoughts Words Action

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